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Learner Driver Insurance

From only £1.69 per day*

Flexible cover on a parents' or friends' car, without risking their No Claims Bonus!

Marmalades' Learner Driver Insurance offers a comprehensive, affordable and flexible way to insure drivers who are currently planning or in the process of learning to drive.

Comprehensive cover - Instant online cover in a matter of minutes from just £1.84 per day with a 90-day policy, depending on postcode*. There’s no hidden charges and we cover cars** up to insurance group 32 and £30,000 in value.

Protect owners no claims bonus - If you need to make a claim, it won't affect your parent or friend's No Claims Discount. The excess you’ll pay if you claim is just £250.

Flexible cover - Choose your level of cover for 30, 60 or 90 days, and renew as and when you need to until you pass! After your first policy, you can also choose to renew for 7 or 14 days

To obtain your free quotation please click here, this will transfer you to an external site.

If you have any questions Marmalade have provided a F.A.Q page, alternatively you can contact our office.

* Price based on £151.39 for a 90 day policy. This amount is currently achievable by drivers from 3.9 million households in the UK. Price and cover dependent on location.

** The vehicle you wish to insure with this policy must have main insurance