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New Driver Motor Insurance

Get a guide price in seconds and see how much you can save with Marmalades' black box insurance for young drivers!

Your safety matters which is why Marmalade only insure cars up to 15 years old and 1.4 litres

Exclusively for 17 to 24 year olds, Marmalades' New Driver Insurance covers you in an affordable way and teaches you some invaluable safe driving skills.

Black box technology - Advanced black box technology should make you a lower driving risk by helping you develop safe driving skills, plus e-learning resource help you improve your knowledge and skills.

Marmalade cover you before and after you pass - Insurance cover provided as a learner as well as after your test, and won’t hike the premium up because you pass! So, no scrambling round to find new insurance when you pass (just a quick call to let them know!).

No curfews, drive 24/7

Feel the freedom of the open road...

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If you have any questions Marmalade have provided a F.A.Q page, alternatively you can contact our office